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Catering Policy Guide


Our mission is to provide a positive customer experience through our creative foods presented with style and elegance and through our great service. We look forward to being part of your event. Planning ahead is the best way to be able to enjoy the service. The following information will be helpful in planning your function.

* To serve you in the best possible way, we request a minimum of three working days notice for any catering function to guarantee your specific order and time. More notice, of course, is preferred for special events that require catering to over 100 guests. Every effort will be made to accommodate your last minute requests.
* Catering services may require access to the meeting room 1 hour prior to the commencement of your meeting/event for set up. Please factor this in your planning. 
* Special dietary needs can be accommodated. Vegetarian selections are also available upon request. 
* All services include disposable dishware. China service is available upon request. A charge for china rentals will apply. Please discuss with the Catering Manager. 
* A department cost centre number must accompany all internal catering orders. All external catering will require detailed billing information including a contact name, contact phone number and billing address and will be subject to applicable taxes. 
* Our regular catering hours are from 7:30a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Evening and weekend functions are available with an additional labor charge. 
* All catering services require a guaranteed number of guests 48 hours prior to your event. Cancellations must be received in writing before the 48 hour period to avoid cancellation fees. Notification received after this deadline, will result in a charge of up to 100% of the total catering. 
 *  Any lost or misplaced items that are part of the catered service ware will be the responsibility of the client and will be included on your invoice as replacement cost. A minimum $ 10.00 charge apples for orders that do not include food. 
* Black tie service, linen and flower arrangements are available at additional costs. Please discuss with the Catering Manager 
* If you wish to serve wine or beer at your event, please contact the Catering Manager at least 21 days prior to your event. You must purchase a SOP (special occasion permit) from the LCBO in order to have liquor consumed on site. This may take a few weeks. You can then purchase the beer and wine with this SOP and return any unused to the LCBO. 
* If you have moved a catered event from one location to another, please alert us to the exact new location to avoid confusion. All equipment will be picked up by the end of the business day unless you make other arrangements. 
For assistance with your catering needs please feel free to contact us at  416-425-6220 Ext 7040

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